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1996 MYSTIC COBRA 25th 

1996 mystic cobra

The car that changed the automotive paint world is turning 25 years old this year! Being the most recognized SN-95 Mustang ever built With more Rumors and Crazy stories about than any other mustang. Along with only 2000 of these one year only cars produced with an estimated 1200 still on the road or in collections. The Mystic Cobra Owners Association, and their friends at Ford and Carlisle Events. Have decided to hold a 1996 Mystic Cobra 25th Anniversary Show at Ford Nationals this year. We are hoping this will be the largest gathering of Mystics in one place since they left the factory in 1996! 

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Mystic Cobra 25th

25th anniversary


WHAT: 1996 Mystic Cobra Anniversary

WHEN: June 4th-6th 2021

WHERE: Ford Nationals, Carlisle Pa

SPONSORS: The Mystic Cobra Owners Association,, Ford, Carlisle Events (Looking For More! )

Hope to See You there !!


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