The 1996 Mystic Cobra Registry


5 1996 Mystic Cobras

Since 1996 there has been a multiple different 1996 Mystic Cobra Registries and Fan sites. They have come and gone over the years. The most used and widely recognized was 1996MysticCobra .com  Unfortunately the long time owner Rex closed his page in early 2019.  In late 2020 Rex graciously donated his large collection of data to us to continue his passion. Combined with information we were donated by the Original Mystic registry by James Finley, Files and documents from multiple other groups, individuals, past website owners and our own research we have created the largest known list of Mystics and information ever! Welcome to the 1996 Mystic Cobra Registry!  Thanks for checking us out we love to connect with other 96 Mystic and 04 Mystichrome Owners, Mustang owners or Ford or car fanatics.

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

Can we see the cars you have data on? 

Yes Click Mystics 1-2000 

Can you send me the list of Vins and Builds?

We often post a current list of the all Mystic Numbers we have confirmed in on our Facebook Page We don’t ever share VIN numbers but can help research one for you.

Can you check a VIN for me?

Sure if you email us a VIN we will gladly check it against our list to see if its listed and what number was recorded.

How can I get official Ford paperwork stating my Mystic build number?

Ford sells an Official 1996 SVT Cobra Certificate Package Including a letter stating your Mystic Build # out of 2000 at 

I have my VIN Mystic Number and info and want to make sure I’m on the registry?

If you have this info PLEASE E-MAIL US!! To Make sure your car has been listed and added to history!