Press Kit 2: White Folder with blue Ford oval logo in the bottom left

mystic press kitmystic cobra slide

Press Kit 2: White Folder with blue Ford oval logo in the bottom left and the bottom left quarter of an embossed wire globe in the top right quarter of the front cover. I’m told this was a mid-year press kit. This kit includes the following press releases and items:

  • SVT: “96 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra Showcases Latest in Technology”
  • FORD: “Explorer Teams V-8 with All-Wheel Drive”
  • FORD: “Taurus SHO: The World’s Most Affordable V-8 Performance Vehicle”
  • 3 Color Slides:
    1. 1996 Ford Mustang Mystic Cobra (front 3/4 view)
    2. 96 Ford Explorer V8 (front 3/4 view)
    3. 1996 Ford Taurus SHO (front 3/4 view)

Where it Mentions Mystic:


At the heart of any great driver’s car you’ll find a sophisticated and powerful engine. For 1996, the Ford Special Vehicle Team’s Mustang Cobra is fitted with a high-tech, high-performance variant of Ford’s aluminum-alloy 4.6-liter, double overhead cam V-8. The end result is a Mustang that delivers a level of technological sophistication and all-around performance like no other car before it..

But the technology found in the new SVT Cobra goes far beyond the 305 h.p. under the hood. Now there’s cutting-edge technology in the Cobra’s paint with the availability of a spectacular new automotive finish called Mystic Clearcoat Metallic..

This exclusive option is a light-refracting clearcoat finish that exhibits four major metallic-look colors – green, amber, gold and purple – and changes hue based on the light intensity and angle from which it is viewed. The visual effect is that of a fluid change of iridescent refractive colors among emerald green, violet blue, magenta, burgundy, amber/gold, an almost “root-beer” brown, even a golden black. Under certain conditions, several spectral colors may be visible, especially on more contoured surface areas of the sheet metal..

Unlike other special-effect paints, Mystic employs an all-new technology that does not rely on the specific blend of pigments, precise suspension of particulates or tricky multi-coat application processes. Mystic achieves its dramatic color-change capability via tiny transparent layered flakes in the paint’s chemistry that act like prisms to break up white light into its various component colors. Its only traditional pigment is black. Mystic is applied as a simple basecoat/clearcoat, just like a solid color, so it has none of the color-match and repairability problems of metalflakes, pearlescents, candyapples or micas. Mystic Paint is a 1996-only $815 option available only on the SVT Cobra Coupe. Just 2000 of the 7,500 Cobra Coupes will be produced with this exclusive finish..

Mustang’s new security system, PATS (or Passive Anti-Theft System), is yet another example of the kind of advanced technology found in the 1996 SVT Cobra. This ingenious system was developed by Ford of Europe as a response to high theft rates of the Mondeo Sedan. Each Cobra key carries a radio transponder that contains a unique code selected from a potential of 4 quadrillion combinations. An antenna located in the steering column “interrogates” the key, then the key code is transmitted to a control module, where it is compared to codes stored in the module. If the key’s code matches, a signal is sent to the EEC-V engine computer to enable the engine to run. If the key does not match or if no encoded key is detected, the EEC-V system will not allow the engine to run..

A convertible model returns to the SVT lineup this spring with the same high-technology improvements that have won accolades for the 1996 Cobra Coupe. Production of the 1996 SVT Cobra Convertible will be limited to just 2,500 units. For the first time in SVT history, the Cobra Convertible will be available in a choice of colors: Laser Red Tinted Clearcoat Metallic, Crystal White Clearcoat or Black Clearcoat..

The limited-production 1996 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra is sold only through SVT-certified Ford dealers in the United States and Canada. For more information and the name of the certified SVT dealer nearest you, call 1-800-FORD-SVT (800-367-3788)..



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