Mystic and Extreme Rainbow Saleens

Saleen’s 1996 Press / Promo Folder has multiple mentions and letters about Mystic paint including a slide. All the information is related to The 1995 Horse Of A Different Color Saleen Speedster. Based on how the documents reads I believe at the time it was published Saleen expected Mystic to be available on 1996 Cobra Convertibles.  Which we know never ended up happening (Production Numbers). They only ended up making one 1996 Saleen out of the 1999 Mystics coupes produced in 1996.Instead Saleen did introduce Extreme Rainbow in 1996 (No Cobras in 96 were painted Extreme Rainbow)  which has been used on multiple years of Mustang since. Saleen has also built a few cars in Deep Violet Purple

More Photos of the “Horse of A Different Color”